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Quantum Computer

The worldwide race to the first Quantum Computer is a hot topic.  Quantum machines promise to outperform (for specific tasks) even the most capable of today' s—and tomorrow' s—supercomputers. In this section, there are videos available about all different parts of the future quantum computer. You could, for example, start with the sets of videos about a specific qubit, and all the quantum phenomena that make qubits exciting, futuristic, and almost impossible to understand fully.

However, qubits on their own don't form a working quantum computer. The qubit might be the most spectacular element of the computer. Still, many more layers are needed to work with the quantum phenomena that give the quantum computer its extraordinary powers. Are you more interested in this practical approach? Take a look at the subsection 'Building Blocks of a Quantum Computer', which you can find by selecting filters on the left. 

Or any of the other interesting sections! There are videos for all different levels, so no excuses, and let's dive in.