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Germanium Quantum Technology

This course introduces you to a variety of topics on germanium-based quantum technologies and their applications, from constructing a single spin qubit and scaling spin-qubit-based quantum computers to single and two-qubit gates, and finally to practical quantum algorithms. The course also includes some perspectives on quantum simulations and quantum machine learning. Qubits are the fundamental unit for any quantum computer, and this course begins with an introduction to spin qubits in germanium platforms. You will explore all the building blocks for a spin-qubit-based quantum computer: creating a spin qubit, scaling the number of spin qubits, tuning of spin qubits, single and multi-qubit quantum gates, quantum error correction and also electronics to control these quantum devices. You will finally learn about the potential applications of these technologies, including the execution of quantum algorithms, quantum machine learning, and simulations based on quantum annealing.